Swimming pools are great fun! Family fun, private intimate relaxation, personal fitness, plus all those great pool side cookout meals. Unfortunately swimming pools can also be dangerous if not properly secured. Tragically each year children drown in unsecured and/or unsupervised swimming pools. Sadly these deaths are entirely preventable.

An automatic swimming pool cover completely secures a swimming pool in a few minutes. Fences, gates, motion alarms are helpful but they do not completely the sight of or block access to the pool. An automatic pool cover inhibits the attraction of the pool. Seeing the cool flowing water in the pool is appealing and has a powerful draw which is why insurance agents identify a swimming pool as an “ attractive nuisance “.

When I told my wife that I wanted to install a swimming pool for my newborn daughter to enjoy and grow up with she replied “ that’s fine but don’t bother if your not going to install an automatic safety cover”. Her position was not up for discussion. The pool was installed along with an automatic safety cover.

Automatic safety covers offer so much more than the peace of mind knowing that your pool is safe and secure. The significantly reduce water loss, chemicals and heat due to evaporation. If a storm comes up you simply turn a key and the pool will remain protected and clean from all of the airborne debris, leafs, branches, dirt, etc.

The peace of mind on knowing that your pool is safe and secure whether your home or out of town is priceless!